HelpCenter Live! Installation

Applies to Version 2.1.2, 2.1.3Beta1

The Unix install is fairly straight forward. We will NOT cover module installation
here, as that is a more advanced topic.

Pre-install instructions:

  • Make sure you have PHP 4.3.2 or greater installed
  • Make sure you have MySQL 1.3 or greater installed
  • Make sure you have created a database for HCL(note database name, user name, and password)


  • Begin by downloading the HCL Core files.
  • Unzip the files on your local machine
  • If you have safe_mode on, change the config setting $conf[‘safe_mode’] to true in the config.php file
  • Upload the entire ‘hcl’ directory (you can re-name the directory if you wish)
  • CHMOD /config.php to 777
  • CHMOD /icons/ to 777
  • CHMOD /compile/ to 777
  • CHMOD /cache/ to 777
  • You will need to make sure you have a MySQL database available for installation.
  • Open you browser and go to the setup directory e.g.
  • Follow the instructions.

After install: You may edit the config.php file (download and edit, then reupload) to set various options. In the future this file will be depreciated and no settings will actually be contained in it.

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