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    dclune has generously taken the post of Theme manager for the project.  He gets the in-enviable task of keeping the themes up to date with the new 3.0 version, as well as get us some more/better themes to work with.  In addition he'll be working on some documentation for the theme system which should help all you theme artists out there.Big round of applause for dclune, Wickshosting, and belite for taking a load off my shoulders!

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    Thanks :D Look forward to being part of the team that make an impact in the live help community!

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    I'd say with the new theme here, you're already off to a smashing start!

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    good news, if I can help on giving some of my free hours just tell me…  I'm a spanish native speaker from Peru, and I can help you with the theme, designs, documentation, translation, and some other tasks.  I'm not a developer as you are, but I know I can help

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