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    A new full release of Help Center Live has hit the Source Forge project pages! There have been a few updates and bug fixes, however those changes do not require an update of the database. This means that to upgrade, simply upload all files except the config.php file and the setup directory to your server.Here is the change log for 2.1.4:* Fixed short_open_tag errors on newer PHP installs* Fixed more file corruptions* Added config option for operators to delete chat transcripts* Fixed error in database.sql* Fixed problems with the copyright symbol causing issues for some people (changed to (c))* Fixed Timing issue in aardvark library (Thank to MaxPowers!)The 2.1.x releases are now bug fix only, as we've begun work on 3.0.x. Note that this release obsoletes all previous versions and hotfixes.2.1.4 can be found at http://sourceforge.net/projects/helpcenterlive

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